Warranty & Repairs

How long is the warranty on my order?

6 months
Jewellery items which are:
- Silver
- Gold plated
- Gold filled
- Steel
- Accessories

12 months
Jewellery items made of:
- 9k
- 14k gold

What is included in this warranty?

If the jewellery discolours within the first six months of your purchase, we will offer you a free plating service for all discoloured products. If it becomes discoloured after six months, we will provide a plating service for just €50.00.

If your jewellery item broke then our Customer Service can check the jewellery item for you and offer you repair options. You can contact our Customer Service to arrange this via Live Chat or WhatsApp 020 26 14 626. Please state your order number when you contact us and add a photo of the broken jewellery item.

Will my warranty start again after the item has been repaired?

No, the warranty starts from the moment your item is initially delivered and does not restart after a repair.