Terms and conditions

Vedder & Vedder BV




In these general terms and conditions Vedder & Vedder BV uses the following terms with the meaning shown:


Order:                              The order you place via the V&V website.

You(r):                              The natural person (consumer) that uses the website and/or purchases products via the website.

Gift card(s):                      The gift card(s) issued by V&V.

Agreement:                      The agreement whereby you purchase products via the website.

Product(s):                       Vedder & Vedder brand products which V&V sells on its website.

V&V/we/us/our:               The private company with limited liability Vedder & Vedder BV, having its principal place of business in (1019 AJ) Amsterdam at Cruquiusweg 94 E, with a physical branch at the address Cruquiusweg 94 E, 1019AJ, Amsterdam, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 64684237, which can be contacted by e-mail via customerservice@vedder-vedder.com and by telephone via number 020 26 14 626.

Terms and conditions:     These general terms and conditions.

Website:                          The V&V website www.vedder-vedder.com and variants thereof.




Agreement between you and V&V


These terms and conditions apply to your use of the V&V website, any offer by V&V and any agreement formed.


Before an agreement is concluded the text of these terms and conditions will be made available to you via the website and they can always be downloaded via the website.


All offers by V&V, whether made verbally, in writing, or by telephone, are non-binding, unless V&V has explicitly included a deadline for acceptance. The website therefore does not contain any binding offers, unless stated otherwise.


Offers by V&V are based on information issued by you and you guarantee that said information is correct. An agreement is formed by means of a written or electronic confirmation from V&V.


V&V collects and processes your personal data in line with our privacy and cookie statement.


V&V is entitled to amend these terms and conditions unilaterally. In that case the amended terms and conditions will also apply to existing agreements between you and V&V. If the amendment of essential terms and conditions is to your detriment, you will be entitled to cancel the agreement with V&V without costs or compensation within 14 days after V&V has informed you about new general terms and conditions, with due regard for a notice period of 14 days.





By placing an order on the website you agree with these terms and conditions. In principle you will receive an order confirmation immediately after placing the order. After that you will receive (except in the case of pre-orders) an e-mail at the moment that your order starts to be produced and at the moment that it is dispatched.


In order to place an order you must have an e-mail address. You can place an order as an existing customer or as a guest.

a) As soon as you have received a confirmation e-mail you will still have 4 hours during working hours (09.00 to 17.30) to cancel or amend your order by contacting our customer service. The cancellation and amendment options may differ in the case of (temporary) campaigns and promotions. For those types of specific cases, please refer to our website. After that it will no longer be possible to amend the order.


V&V reserves the right to amend an order, for example if the requested specification, combination or inscription is impossible.


In the unfortunate event that an order cannot be delivered, you will be informed as quickly as possible. If the order has already been paid for, we will attempt to refund the payment to you via the payment method you used. If the refund has to be done in some other way, V&V will inform you accordingly and ask you to contact customer service so that they can process the refund.


The order confirmation will display your total price, including taxes and shipping costs. At that moment the agreement will have been formed.


Whether an order can be delivered depends on availability. Reasons for us to cancel the order include the product not being available, the materials or materials not being available, if the invoice details you have filled in are incorrect or cannot be verified, in the event of an unusual order, if you are under the age of 16, if payment is not made on time, or in the case of events or circumstances beyond our control.


V&V reserves the right to suspend its obligations in the event of force majeure. This will in any event be the case if, as a consequence of a certain circumstance or event, V&V cannot reasonably be expected to fulfil its obligation(s) (any more), even if the circumstance could have been foreseen when the agreement was formed. Force majeure will in any event be taken to mean (without the following list being exhaustive): storm damage and other natural disasters, lockouts, call-up or threat of war, illness affecting irreplaceable employees, force majeure and/or non-fulfilment (on time) by the supplier(s) of V&V, fire and other accidents in the company, as well as all measures taken or issued by the government and in general all circumstances which fall outside V&V's sphere of influence.


The dimensions of the products are exclusively guidelines and may differ in reality, partly because the products are often made by hand and/or to order. V&V maintains a margin of 1cm for necklaces, a whole size for bracelets and 1/4th size for rings. In addition, the colour displayed and product material depend on various factors, such as screen quality, whether you are viewing the website using a telephone, desktop or tablet, and various environmental factors. Apparent mistakes or errors in the range displayed on the website are not binding for V&V.



Payment and prices


Prices and rates communicated by V&V via the website or in some other way include VAT, packaging costs and other taxes and/or levies (possibly) imposed on the products, but do not include costs for delivery and transport and excluding import and export costs related to the delivery of Products outside the EU.


If one or more cost price factors increase after the commencement date of the agreement, V&V will be able to increase the agreed price. That will, for example, be the case if taxes are raised or purchase prices increase substantially for V&V. In the event of a price increase, you can dissolve the agreement.



Delivery and retention of title


All deadlines communicated by V&V for products to be delivered by V&V are an indication and are not firm deadlines. In the event that a delivery deadline communicated by V&V is missed, V&V will inform you as soon as possible. If the deadline is missed by more than 4 weeks from the moment that you received the e-mail that the product was starting to be produced, you will be entitled to cancel the purchase and receive a refund of the purchase price.


Products will be dispatched and transported to you at V&V's risk. The risk will transfer at the moment that you or a third party you designate takes receipt of the order. This also means that V&V is no longer responsible for the Products once you take delivery of them. Circumstances occurring after the Products have been delivered - such as accidental damage, loss or theft of the Products - are solely at your risk. V&V may deliver the Order in several parts.


You are obliged to take delivery of the purchased goods when these are made available to you.


If you do not pay the due costs to V&V (on time), V&V reserves the right to refuse to deliver the products until you have paid all due amounts, without prejudice to (and therefore not in lieu of) other rights based on the law or the agreement.


All products delivered by V&V will continue to be owned by V&V until all claims which V&V has against you, or acquires on the basis of agreements (including any related (collection) costs and interest), have been paid in full.



Right of withdrawal


You can terminate your order as from the date on which you placed the order until 14 days after receipt of the ordered products without having to state a reason, with the exception of instances referred to below under 6.2 and 6.7. This period of reflection commences on the day that the last product in the order is received. A product will have been received if you, or a third party on your behalf, has taken receipt of it, or if a collection location for packages has taken receipt of it.


In derogation of 6.1 you can only terminate an order for one (or more) gift card(s) within 14 days after the agreement has been concluded, irrespective of whether you have already taken receipt of the gift card(s). The agreement is formed as soon as V&V confirms the order of a gift card.


If you want to exercise the right of withdrawal, V&V requests that you report this to our customer service via the following e-mail address: customer service@vedder-vedder.com, or by sending to V&V the form you can find here. We will try to send you a confirmation of receipt as soon as possible. More information on return conditions can be found at: www.vedder-vedder.com/nl/ruil-en-retourvoorwaarden.


The products which you wish to return must be sent back to V&V within 14 days after the right of withdrawal has been invoked and you will be required to pay the costs of returning (part of) the order.

6.4.1 When purchasing multiple items from a set, or a stacking discount obtained when purchasing multiple items, all items must be returned to us. Incomplete returns will void the discount.


V&V guarantees full compensation of products actually returned, with the exception of the return costs, on the condition that all products are returned in the same unused state as they were in when they were received. This means that the products must not have been damaged, dirty, changed or worn (other than to assess the product's fit) and that stickers, labels or price tags must not have been removed. The products must be complete and include all components and accessories.


V&V will endeavour to refund the money as quickly as possible and using the same payment method as you used to make the purchase by no later than 14 days after receipt of your notification that you are going to invoke the right of withdrawal, on the condition that V&V has received the products, or proof that the products has been returned. Another payment method can be used to make the repayment if you give your permission. Doing so will not incur any additional costs. If you paid using a gift card, you will receive the refund in the form of a new digital gift card.


In derogation of 6.1 the right of withdrawal does not apply to the following products:

a) products which have been made and/or personalised in accordance with your specification(s), such as:

1. products with a fingerprint;

2. products with a personalised text; and

3. other products which have been personalised specially for you, as indicated on the website

b) Sealed products which, for health protection or hygiene reasons, are not suitable to be returned, such as earrings and products which have been taken out/from the original packaging.


During the period of reflection, as referred to in Article 6.1 of these terms and conditions, you must treat the product and the packaging with care. You are only allowed to unpack or use the product to the extent that is necessary in order to determine the product's nature, characteristics and operation. The point of departure in this regard is that you may only use and inspect the products as you would do in a store.






V&V guarantees that the products fulfil the agreement, the specifications referred to in the offer, the reasonable requirements of soundness and/or usability and the statutory provisions and/or government regulations that exist on the date of formation of the agreement.


Any defects to products must be reported in writing to V&V within a reasonable period of time, but by no later than within 2 months after they have been discovered, using the following e-mail address: customer service@vedder-vedder.com. V&V is keen to receive complaints as quickly as possible so that we can provide you with the best possible service.


V&V offers the following guarantee on jewellery:

- 6 months in the event of defects to all products; and

- 12 months on 9 and 14 carat jewellery.


It may be that a product becomes discoloured and/or starts to show traces of wear and tear the more the product is worn (longer or more frequently). Such discolouration depends on usage and the extent to which the maintenance instructions are complied with and is therefore not a defect within the meaning of a material or manufacturing defect, not even if this occurs within 6 months. This depends on various exterior circumstances, including the location and way in which the product is stored, the care taken when using the product, the wearer's skin type and the extent to which ornament is exposed to other influences which may cause wear and tear and/or discolouration, such as sunlight, water and heat. If an ornament discolours after 4 months, V&V will provide a plating service for € 30.00.


The guarantee does not apply if:

a. there are traces of use, discolouration and/or normal wear and tear as a consequence of using the product;

b. you have yourself repaired and/or reworked the products supplied, or have had them repaired and/or reworked by third parties;

c. the products have been exposed to abnormal circumstances, or treated carelessly in some other way, or contrary to the instructions of V&V and/or on the packaging. You can find information about caring for and maintaining the products at: vedder-vedder.com/nl/verzorging-onderhoud.

d. external causes occur after delivery that cause the Products to be damaged or lost, such as accidents, loss or theft.

e. It is a purchase from the Archive Sale.


V&V provides a guarantee for two (2) years after delivery to cover the products it has delivered against material and manufacturing defects, meaning that V&V will pay to rectify defects to the delivered products or – if V&V considers it to be necessary – will arrange a replacement. The above has no effect on the guarantee you have on the grounds of the law.


V&V explicitly does not guarantee that the communication and information on the website are complete and/or correct. The information on the website is intended to be general information and does not include any advice, unless explicitly stated otherwise. V&V endeavours to keep the website up to date, but does not promise that the website is complete, accurate, reliable, accessible, or suitable for whatever purpose. If you use the information on the website, you do so entirely for your own account and risk.




Intellectual property rights


V&V has and retains all (intellectual) (property) rights in relation to all products and all content and materials on the website.


All names, brands, logos and titles used on the website are brands or trade names of V&V or third parties. The use or reproduction thereof is absolutely forbidden because it may violate (third-party) intellectual property rights.





By using the website you agree with these general terms and conditions (of use). The website may only be used for private purposes. It is prohibited to use the website for any commercial purpose or aim.


You are only permitted to use the website for the purpose of possibly placing an order and/or contacting V&V. All content and materials which V&V makes available via the website are the exclusive property of V&V and it is therefore prohibited to use the content and materials for any other purpose.


It is prohibited to copy, document, share, amend, distribute, or reproduce content and materials on the website, or use said content and materials in some other way which enables any third party to gain access.


The website may contain links to external websites. V&V emphasises that V&V does not have any influence on the layout or content of those external websites and explicitly distances itself from the layout and content on any third-party website.





V&V tries to process orders as quickly as possible and in the order they are received. We endeavour to deliver within 1 to 3 working days after the order confirmation, with the exception of personalised products and unless agreed otherwise. Although we endeavour to deliver by the set deadline, delays can occur due to unexpected events. You can find more information about the various shipping options on our website.


We wish to emphasise that we are dependent on the delivery service involved in terms of the time of despatch and that we are unable to influence this in any way.


We send our products to destinations all over the world. Any (extra) customs charges are not reimbursed by V&V.


If you need your products sooner, a VIP service is available for many of our products. If you select this option before midday on working days when placing your order, your order will be dispatched on the same day. 


Before you place an order, you will be informed of the expected delivery time. After placing an order you will receive a confirmation by e-mail detailing the expected delivery time, although this is no more than an indication. After the product has left the workshop you will receive an e-mail with the Track & Trace code.


If your order does not arrive on the scheduled date, please contact customer service via customer service@vedder-vedder.com




Payment method


You can pay for articles in different ways. Please refer to our website for more information about the payment options.


If you do not fulfil your payment obligation(s) on time you will, after having been informed by V&V of the late payment and after V&V has granted you 14 days to fulfil the payment obligations and if no payment is forthcoming within this 14 day deadline, owe the statutory interest on the amount still payable, with V&V being entitled to charge the extrajudicial collection costs incurred.



Disputes and applicable law


If you have a complaint, V&V kindly requests that you first contact us via customerservice@vedder-vedder.com. If your complaint is not dealt with satisfactorily, you can use the ODR platform (https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr), although you are not obliged to do so.


Agreements between you and V&V to which these terms and conditions relate are exclusively subject to Dutch law. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) is not applicable.