Vedder & Vedder Guarantee Policy

V&V Guarantee

If the jewellery is discoloured within the first four months of your purchase, we will offer you a free plating service for all discoloured products. Is it discoloured after four months? No worries, we will then provide a plating service for just €50, -. Are you interested in this plating service? Please send an email to After we receive the jewellery, we will process their return within 10-14 working days and have them sent back to you as good as new.  

Items made out of 14 carats gold have a guarantee period of one year, the other pieces have a guarantee period of six months. 

Do you want jewellery that lasts a lifetime without causing any worries? Then check out our Deluxe Collection made of solid 14 carat gold.   

External Party

Having your V&V jewellery altered or repaired by an external party (or by yourself) is at your own risk. After such an occurrence, your guarantee will no longer be valid. 

Would you like to have other adjustments done to your jewellery? Please check our Pricelist and send an email to, so we can help you further. 

Wear it with love!