Promotion conditions

  • Vedder & Vedder B.V. reserves the right to change the promotional conditions in the meantime and/or to terminate the promotion prematurely.
  • Vedder & Vedder B.V. is at all times entitled to change these terms and conditions without prior notice or further notice afterwards.
  • During promotions it is not possible to use the option back engraving (with the exception of the Tag necklace and Monogram Tag necklace).
  • The discount codes cannot be obtained on orders already placed and are therefore not possible with retroactive effect.
  • You can redeem a maximum of one discount code per order.
  • If one product is returned, or one product that takes part in a promotion of multiple products, the promotion will no longer be in force.
  • Vedder & Vedder B.V. is not liable for consequential damage caused by technical malfunctions including, but not limited to: temporary problems with the Vedder & Vedder website, your mobile phone, your internet or mobile provider or other circumstances of force majeure.
  • The promotion and these terms and conditions are governed by Dutch law.
  • During promotions, the processing and delivery of your order may take longer than we indicate on our website at ‘payment & delivery policy’.
  • The return policy during promotions is the same as our original return policy, as indicated on our website at ‘return policy’.
  • After placing your product(s) in the shopping cart you can add a ‘coupon code’, so the discount code can be entered here and the discount code will be deducted directly from the total amount.
  • Durting promotions it is not possible to use our VIP Service and therefore the indicated delivery times apply. 
  • During promotions order adjustments cannot be passed on after placing your order.
  • During discount offers we do not offer any discount on the service to add letters/birthstones/symbols/little coins or engravings at a later point. 
  • In cases not provided for by these conditions, a decision will be taken by Vedder & Vedder B.V. This can be made known by sending an email to:

What you should do if the coupon code doesn't work?

If the coupon code doesn’t work, there can be several reasons for this:

  • It may happen that the loading time for processing the discount takes a little longer on the page.
  • When you have copied the coupon code from a page, it may be that there is a space when entering it in the webshop. You have to remove this on the line to activate the code.
  • The discount is not valid on items that are excluded from the promotion (including sale items).