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Order before 14:00 pm and your order will be delivered in NL and BE the next day.

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  1. Festive✨
    Sparkle Necklace Sparkle Necklace
  2. Festive✨
    All I Want Necklace All I Want Necklace
  3. Festive✨
    Rising Star Necklace Rising Star Necklace
  4. Festive✨
    Proud Of Necklace Proud Of Necklace
  5. Festive✨
    New Start Necklace New Start Necklace
  6. Fast Delivery🎄
    Printable Giftcard Printable Giftcard
  7. Fast Delivery🎄
    Giftcard Giftcard
    Vanaf € 25,00
  8. Fast Delivery🎄
    Bubble Ring Bubble Ring
    Vanaf € 55,00
  9. Fast Delivery🎄
    Heart Ring Heart Ring
    Vanaf € 45,00
  10. Fast Delivery🎄
    Delicate Necklace Delicate Necklace
  11. Fast Delivery🎄
    Birthstone Ring Birthstone Ring
  12. Fast Delivery🎄
    Birthstone Earrings Birthstone Earrings
  13. Fast Delivery🎄
    birthflower necklace goud roos Birthflower Coin Necklace
  14. Fast Delivery🎄
    Sylvie Coin Necklace Goud Pavé Initial Coin Necklace
  15. leaving soon🎄
    Single birthstone huggie earring gold Single Birthstone Huggie Earring
  16. Fast Delivery🎄
    Bella birthstone studs Gold december Bella Birthstone studs
  17. Fast Delivery🎄
    Hailee heart studs goud Hailee Heart studs
  18. Fast Delivery🎄
    Stella Star Studs Stella Star Studs
  19. leaving soon🎄
    Zara Zodiac Diamond Necklace Zara Zodiac Diamond Necklace
  20. leaving soon🎄
    Zoe Zodiac Coin Necklace Zoe Zodiac Coin Necklace
  21. leaving soon🎄
    Pearl Letter Necklace Pearl Letter Necklace
Showing 1-24 of 66 results
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