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"Stay Gold" is what you do by always keeping your jewelry clean! This Jewelry Care Kit is ideal for taking care of all your Vedder & Vedder jewelry. The Jewelry Care Kit includes a spray, brush and polishing cloth. This is everything you need to keep your personalized jewelry clean! Suitable for all metals.

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Jewelry Care Kit contains:  

  • Cleaning spray
  • Cloth
  • Brush

Apply the Spray to the jewelry you want to clean. Then use the brush to loosen stuck dirt. Rinse the jewelry with lukewarm water and dry well with the polishing cloth. The polishing cloth can also be used to quickly remove grease stains and fingerprints from the jewelry. Gently wipe the cloth over the jewelry in one direction for optimal results.

Note! This spray is intended to remove grease and dirt, but does not remove oxides.

  • Care-kit size: 16 cm x 11 cm

Jewelry Care Kit

A Jewelry Care Kit that you should always have in your home. This way your jewelry will stay beautiful, and you can carry it with you forever. Also want to store your jewelry properly? Then check here for our Jazzy Jewel Name Box. The Jewelry Care Kit includes a spray, brush and polishing cloth. In short, everything you need to keep your personalized jewelry clean.

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We understand that our (most of the time personalized) jewelry tells your personal story and that therefore you’d like to wear it all the time. If the jewelry is discolored within the first 4 months of your purchase, we will offer you a free plating service for all products. In the unlikely case something else is wrong with the jewelry, we have a warranty period of 6 months for gold-plated jewelry and a year for solid gold jewelry.

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At Vedder & Vedder, we only work with high-quality materials. Whether it’s our personalized necklaces in silver or gold or the birthstones or diamonds we use in our jewelry.  Our personal jewelry is designed to wear your loved ones close to you, every day. Some tips and tricks on how to enjoy your jewelry as long as possible you’ll find here.

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Personalized jewelry, made by hand by a team of skilled female goldsmiths in our own Vedder & Vedder atelier. When Vedder & Vedder just started out, we could only dream of a team of women who would work with us on our passion day in, day out: creating personal jewelry. 

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Handmade with love in amsterdam

As everything about Vedder&Vedder is personal, from the personalized design to our very own vision and mission for the label. We knew from the start that we had to be a part of the production process. That is why we work with in-house goldsmiths, who work from our own studio in Amsterdam.

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Packed with care

At Vedder & Vedder we want everything to be just right, from start to finish. Whether you buy a personalized item for yourself or a loved one. We always make sure that your order is packed with love and attention.

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