How to make a fingerprint

Do you need the perfect fingerprint or paw print for your personalized piece of jewelry?
Here you will find all the important information: a written guide, video guide and tips and tricks to help you do it! 

The perfect fingerprint:

Do you want to buy a fingerprint item and upload the perfect fingerprint? We have the solution! With the Do It Yourself Fingerprint Strip you can make the right fingerprint for your personalized item. It's very easy to use and takes just a few seconds! When you order the Fingerprint Strip you will receive an instruction card. Find it here.

Step by step guide

                                         Step 1                                                                                                           Step 2                                                                                                              Step 3
Grab the supplies, all you need is a pencil, paper and tape!         Sketch with a pencil a circle/square on a piece of paper          Cut a piece of tape and stick it on the graphite covered
                                                                                                              and push your finger on the pencil spot.                                      finger.

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                                          Step 4                                                                                                           Step 5                                                                                                              Step 6
Stick the piece of tape on the white paper, so you can see          Choose your favourtie item from the fingerprint collection        Receive your fingerprint item and wear it close to you
the fingerprint clearly and scan it with your phone.                        and place an order with a photo of the fingerprint(s).               forever.

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Video guide

How to make a fingerprint video guide

Tips & Tricks

                                    Perfect fingerprint                                                                            Wrong fingerprint                                                                                     Wrong fingerprint 
This fingerprint is perfect for your favorite V&V item.                  If you want the fingerprints in a heart shape, you have              For a baby it can take up to six months before they have
                                                                                                               to upload two different fingerprints.                                             the perfect fingerprint.

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Didn't get the perfect result?
If you have any questions about how to make a fingerprint, you can contact our customer service by mailing 
It's also possible to make a fingerprint in our showroom! You can make an apointment by clicking here.