Jewellery care

Please take care of your jewellery

Vedder & Vedder stands for keeping your memories close to you. Our jewellery has been specially designed for you and we want you to enjoy them as long as possible. That’s why it’s important to realise that our plated jewellery is formed with a high-quality 14 carat yellow gold layer,  which can slowly wear off. This is why we advise you to take care of your jewellery, by keeping the following points in mind. 
- Do not use greasy creams or oils in combination with the jewellery
- Do not expose the jewellery to moisture
- Do not spray perfumes directly onto the jewellery
- Do not sleep with 

 The 14 carat layer is very thin and that’s why it’s important to remember the points above. This layer was applied with the galvanize technology. This applied layer is between 3 and 5 microns. We use 925 (first level) silver as the basis of our plated jewellery. This is the best quality of silver that can be used for plating. How long the plating colour will remain, depends on the following factors:  
- When exposed to perfume or other make-up products, the layer can fade away. 
- Because of the level of acidity in one’s skin, it’s possible that the plated layer is affected. This varies per person and could depend on matters such as your diet, whether or not you drink alcohol, if you take any medicine or how much you perspire. 
- Exposure to chemical products, for example cleaning products, can also damage the plated layer. 
- It’s also possible that the plated layer can be affected while exercising or swimming with your jewellery on. 

If your jewellery discolour within six months of purchase, we offer a plating service for the jewellery free of charge.

Discoloured after six months? No worries, you can have your jewellery plated again for €50.

Please send an email to, stating your order number and a picture of the discoloured piece of jewellery!